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Welcome to Living4Ward

Life is a journey and all journeys require fuel.  Fuel that feeds the soul, replenishes the body, refreshes the mind and nurtures the emotions.  Life is a journey and the fuel tanks are our internal batteries.  They get drained and when they are low on charge, the journey slows, the forward movement stalls and we tend to think, “now what?”  Take The Next Step is excited to introduce Living4ward...a connection point to recharge your internal batteries.

Living4ward provides 4 essential charging stations:  Reactivating your passion, Readjusting your attitude, Reapplying your gifts and Recapturing your life.  Connecting consistently with these stations will provide elements that will help you live 4ward with your life.  Visit regularly for weekly blogs, event updates and other opportunities.  Sign up for the e-newsletter and gain helpful information on how you can consistently take the next steps for living4ward.

Take The Next Step


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The Power of Play

I recently led a women’s retreat that focused on Living4ward.  It was refreshing to hear laughter and giggles while the participants were blowing bubbles.  Some their comments were:...

New Year, Fresh Start

The beginning of a new year generally results in “new year resolutions.” Really?  Again?  How will this year’s resolutions be different from previous years?  



Soul Care (Part 1)

"The soul has often been deemed integral or essential to consciousness and personality, and may be synonymous with spirit, mind or self."  And yet, many in today's culture have...

Necessary Endings

The beginning of a new year is time for a fresh start with new opportunities and a new focus.  One common approach to capitalize on a new year is to simply design what to begin or restart. ...